i'm with the varsity,

by Rachel Lynch in

Sometimes making your art is a die-hard, adamant battle. You have to fight for it until the death of you. Nothing worth having comes along easy-peasy, cherry lip balm style. You have to put your work out there with an iron spirit and make it great. People are always going to babble bull-shit, but its part of the battle. Use their negative energy and go buffalo wild in creation. Change your thoughts, and talk louder than them.

on another note, tis the season for high-school inspired style. I'm stoked about wearing my hollywood high varisty jacket from Iguana Vintage. I'm also looking forward to breaking out the pleated, plaid skirts, hailing from a Catholic school and all. I'm excited to see what this season has to offer, I'm sensing the spirit of youth will be keeping us mixing it up in the closest this fall with thigh-high socks, plaid minis, patent shoes and letterman jackets. Break out of the hallways, bad-girls, stoners, goths, punks, jocks, rebel-yell, lunch room soft-serve and yellow pencils.