i'm never as good as when you're there

by Rachel Lynch in

IMG_5687 copy IMG_5694 copy IMG_5681 copy IMG_5686 copy IMG_5657 copy IMG_5660 copy IMG_5665 copy IMG_5669 copyBringing in the New Year with Almost Famous 70's vibes. Growing up, Almost Famous was probably one of my top 5 movies. Kate Hudson is always golden, but the way her character was in this movie is just so timeless. Penny Lane is the girl I wanted to be when I grew up, carefree and taking on the world with the band boys.

Anyways, I'm too Steve Jobs to really embrace the Penny Lane lifestyle, but I did write my first book in the Chelsea Hotel and snuck off to LA for the first time when I was sixteen.

As I write this I'm sitting at the Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes with the balcony open and a palm tree pretty much sticking out on my laptop. The cream curtains are blowing open near the double glass doors and the sound of New Year's Eve is alive below me. I spent the day wandering around the Beverly Hills Hotel, then Sunset Boulvard and finished up the day climbing rocks in a fur coat on the ocean. I feel so blessed to lead such an artistic and adventurous life. Tomorrow night, I'll finally be on the redeye flying back to my beloved New York but first... the Rose bowl.

almost famous white fur coat by Nasty Gal

 moto tee is Vintage

sunglasses by Nastygal

bag by Nastygal

kick ass boots by Jeffrey Campbell  

photos by Jaglever