ihateblonde X kayleigh peddie

by Rachel Lynch in

living in the doll house. flowers on the bed and  cotton candy in the cupboards. turn the entire house in your closet. overflow the corners, mirrors, stove, and coffee table with your clothes and accessories.

This week I received a package full of clothing from the very lovely, kayleigh peddie.  I opened the pink evelope from Montreal and spread its contents across my couch. I immediately started playing dress up, mixing the leggings with everything from vintage harley tees to wildfox hoodies. Her clothing is honestly so cozy and fits really well, every girl deserves to own a piece by her. All photos by Kiara Jade.

blue leopard leggings by kayleigh peddie 

white heart bra by kayleigh peddie

pink mesh and black velvet  two piece 

hellbounds by UNIF