If Terry Richardson fucked Dov Charney...

by Rachel Lynch in

Perhaps if the terry richardson gave birth to the next pair of olsen twins they would look a little like us. Yes, we're both known on the internet for being highly sexual, wildly dressed, inappropriate and all around bad. After deliberation over a white bed covered in gypsy clothes we have reached a mutual conclusion that we just don't give a fuck. Yes, we're wild, yes we entertain and yes we are vulgar and raunchy as hell. But that's what's so great about it, we're in your face and having fun doing it. If you have something rude to say, you can fucking say it. It's only adds fuel to the dark-haired sister fire.

p.s. -- The following photos were taken on the back of erin's car outside of the a hotel with two gynocologists, one from New York and one from San Fransisco. The one from new york even ate some of my sister Jen's banana. Talk about keeping it in the office.

people always say how you should be yourself, like yourself is this definite thing. Like a toaster or something. well if that's how it is than fuck that. my toaster changes colors.