i want a lover i don't have to love

by Rachel Lynch in

i love the way you move in the morning. you break in easy like the sun, slow rhythm as we work our way to the patio and slide out the double doors. A shared cup of espresso and winks, the best mornings are the ones in which we don't talk. It used to be that we never had to say anything, the talking that needed to be done was with our eyes and hands. Now we force useless sentences, as if either one of us had something valuable to add to the conversation of the world. Our commentary is just as pointless as CNN, yet we still insist on babbling. It's a silly world, the one that isn't ours. Everyone there feels like they need to be saying something when they're not saying anything at all. You and I used to understand that. We knew we had to forge a world all our own, yet we've fallen right back into the one we had escaped.

I need a new lover, someone to challenge my mind. I want distractions and intellectual battles while rolling on the floor. I want intimacy at it's most intimate, with the bombs from outside dropping in on us.  I'm not into things of this world so don't go buying me a ruby ring.