i like your brain

by Rachel Lynch in

dizzydootyilikeurbrain IMG_6741 copy dootie1 dottie2

I found this post to be timely and appropriate, due to the fact that most my little blondes are slaving away academically like me this week. A few weeks ago, the Aussie label, Dizzy Little Dotty, send me this tee. It says, "I Like Your Brain."

If you know a little about me, you know I'm a low key science-nerd, (with pictures of different parts of the brain in my room.) In addition to it being the cutest little piece ever, featuring a zombie boy and girl carrying books, it was created in attempt to raise funds and awareness for the Brain Foundation.

I paired it with this cute little zipper skirt I got from another Aussie label, Hangers. My best friend got back from spending the semester in Australia, and I get so much love from brands out there, I'd figure I'd show some love back for retuning my best friend safely.

Hopefully you're all getting through this weekend and not turning into blonde zombies (like me!) Today is the halfway point! I can't wait for Christmas break to start so I can build gingerbread houses and make holiday cocktails and have sleepovers with my bestie! We're almost done, keep working hard my loves.


i like your brain tee by dizzy dotty

zipper rainbow skirt by hangers

coral sheer button up by nastygal

white spike litas by jeffrey campbell

silver chain hand piece by nastygal