by Rachel Lynch in

I know... It's Monday... And I'm staying in bed... you should too. After fashion week & all this LINSANITY, we all need a rest. Skip your morning latte and opt for breakfast in bed. This morning I cuddled in bed over peanut butter waffles and an episode of my little pony. Can we say perfect morning? I was swooped off to the doctors a little bit later. The doctor called me princess & gave me pink band-aids to put over my arms where they drew blood. Now I'm back in bed in my  little orange nighties (looking like an ad for PINK ) & invading the on-demand with a cup of hot coco.

Looks like it's going to be a promising day of much needed beauty rest, I hope TO GOD,  you're doing the same. (Avoid early wrinkles & take care of yourself!)