by Rachel Lynch in

I know... It's Monday. And I will be dressing like a magical blonde stoner unicorn to deal w/ it. HOW does one dress like a magical blonde stoner unicorn you may ask? Well first you've got to get out of bed (no really, you must...) & don't brush your hair... I repeat.. DON'T brush that beautiful mane of golden locks. Instead, throw a black beanie over it. Then throw on your UNIF magical mushroom rainbow tye-dye long tee-shirt as a dress & pair it with the dolce vita harness boots. Maybe put a little mascara on those lashes & some pink rouge on those cheeks, but not too much makeup, you want people to think you actually just magically got out of bed this way... (which you pretty much did!) All you need was a little boost from the tiny blonde in rainbow!

xoxo & I love you guys, let's do this!

R. Lynch