by Rachel Lynch in

I KNOW, I KNOW... It's Monday... I'm hungover too. If you're like me, you had a long weekend of celebrating absolutely nothing but the fact that it feels so good to roll out of bed to a calendar that says the next few days coming up are Friday, Saturday, Sunday. You went out in style (pictures to come), you trashed a pair of litas (there's more where that came from) and you spent too much money on champagne (i'm a sucker for treating anyone in my life I care for..)

But, let's not be total pajama-wearing trash bags (wait... i don't own pajamas..) Anyways, It is Monday & we've got shit to do! Personally this week I'm going to be taking a few queues from Mary-Kate and hiding under big sunglasses, layered jewels and my x-boyfriend's vintage band tee collection.

In fact, I'm hiding in a coffee shop right now, writing to you from behind a pair of over-sized aviators and fingers covered in gold rings. My goals for this week are simple: read more BOOKS (like the ones with the ACTUAL pages to flip and mark up), spend more time writing and editing photos in cozy NON-STARBUCKS coffee shops (JK, STARFUCKS IS MY #NUTRIENT SOURCE..).. & get my brain thinking, thinking, thinking.