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Very excited to be sharing with you guys the #standforsomething campaign I have been working on with Dr Martens.

Dr Martens recently paired up with a lot of bloggers and social media mavens alike to ask them this, "What Do you Stand For?"

It's a simple question that doesn't have an obvious answer for most of us. When first asked, I had to take some time to think. Like everyone else, I have a lot of different sides to me. I'm a fashion blogger, a runner, a writer, a college graduate, a vegan, a secret science nerd, a Breaking Bad fan and a Christian.

When I put all of these together, they kind of don't make sense. Nonetheless, they are all things about me. So then I came to the simple thread that connects them all, "learning." I stand for learning, never stop learning. Every day, I try to learn something new. Even if it's something simple. I try to do a little something each day to "better myself." Whether that's listening to a teaching, trying a new vegan food, helping a friend, giving back to nature, reading or running. And there comes a time in our learning when we realized we're not really doing it to "better ourselves." I mean, yes we are, but that's not the main purpose, not even close. When we do things to "better ourselves,"  we become more able to serve and treat others in unconditional love. It takes a great amount of knowledge and hours spent listening to become compassionate and loving people. Yet, it is very possible. So I say, I stand for learning, because the more we learn the better equipped we become to serve others.

Britain White Polished Boot by Dr. Martens

Hello, Charlie! Sweater by Wildfox Couture

black mirror aviators by Wildfox Couture

hat by Nastygal 

thigh-highs by Alice + Olivia X Nastygal

photos by Jaglever