i fell in love by the seaside,

by Rachel Lynch in

Today I felt so soft inside my body, so at ease with the natural world around me. As I was running along the lake, I felt the sand creep into my shoes and the winds brush my floppy little ponytail. But the best feeling was the warm salty breeze that came from the water. It filled my nose with it's scent and crept under my skin with it's salty glow.

If I find myself unable to appreciate anything in life I know it's time to return to the water. It is there that I can see natural beauty at it's most relaxed and enjoy the echos of an undeserved gift. As I pushed through the miles I felt a sense of gratitude engulf me, the reward in my mind was the ability to call my father at the last mile mark and tell him what I had accomplished. He is the best person in my life. I don't deserve anyone I have, but I am forever thankful for each and every person that comes my way.

wearing: for love and lemons leggings from spanish moss vintage, and a white wildfox tank from wildfox.com

Photo by: Rachel Marie, check out her blog: