all that lady

by Rachel Lynch in

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Scared now. All that lady. How we roll. Walk up in this bitch like what. You know my lady always on. I'm where she already knows. She's sweet like hotel flow. Feeling your style and loving your swag. In a class of our own.

The Editor's Market must know what I like, sending me a dope ass sweatshirt that looks just like the cover of The Game's new album. Who ever knew a sweatshirt could be a Jesus piece. Not to mention, they also hooked me up with the killer pants and a velvet jacket. (It's always so hard for me to find good pants that fit.) Anyways, make sure to check out the Editor's Market if you're looking for a good pair of pants to finish up winter and some dope outwear.

stained glass sweatshirt by The Editor's Market

red pants by The Editor's Market

dude beanie by jac vanek

rings by   Jewels by Jacqueline

photos by Brandon  Farrington