i can give you life and i can take it away,

by Rachel Lynch in

Everything turns to dust in our promised land.

This next month is going to be so busy. This week I started school and I'm dipping my toes into everything from ancient philosophy to forensics. Classes aren't going to be the main time consumer though. I'm acting in a music video (can't release the band name, although its exciting!!) I'm playing the bag girl, gang leader of a pack of young boys. I'm going to be strutting in ripped black jeans and a fur coat. I seduce men and take the back to a motel, where I drug them and my gang comes in and robs the man blind. I start shooting for that project next friday and I'm excited to get started and see the results.

I'm also doing a number of photo shoots and meetings for a green screen shoot. Today I've got a fitting then I'm going to the opening of this new restraunt downtown. All things are very exciting and keeping me extremely occupied, which is what I need.

On top of all this, I'm working on putting a book together that should be out by the first month of summer. Its going to be sold online and at a number of under ground bookstores in wicker park. Its a short diary-type novel that includes photos. Its mainly about experience and getting down to the real and raw things in life. All in all, this book lacks glamor and photo shop.