i am the flesh and blood

by Rachel Lynch in

I find it hard to stay in one place for extended periods of time. You burden me with endless questions that, when looked at through a simplified lenses, can be compared to the laws of psychics. How do you want me to explain to you that what goes up, may not come down?

A waif beauty drawing on the green carped floors on all fours. Being a worthy subject to a bountiful amount of artists doesn't make me any more worth in my own mind. I've decided that from today on, I am going to be more vulnerable; A more worthy and playful subject. I am the flesh and blood.

She has a lovely way of making others feel like they're welcome along for the ride.

Influenced by everything, but ultimately reflecting nothing. I'm not going to burn my bra or drop acid, but I can't live within the confines of a routine. And, without a routine, I lack the ability to maintain a set of long-term friends and relationships. Art punks, glam rockers, mods and the not-so typical walk in and out of my life, sometimes without even stopping to share a single world.