how to capture easy prey

by Rachel Lynch in

skin is in, skin is closeness, it keeps you busy and documented. An eccentric girl, not only in thinking but in appearance, dress and behavior. A bohemian, an egghead with long hair falling in love with your creature soul. It is not often that you come across one who is just as worn down by the world as you are. Not often do you meet an artist of infinite longing and pictorial jest, whose vibrant mind and maverick style leaves a mark in your lasting creation.

We have canyon fever that's always rising in flowing succession. Sometimes we grow careless with our spirits, if the burns in our flesh weren't evidence enough. Our weary souls are constantly attempting to break free of the restrictions around us, we do so with stylistic promiscuity and ruthless exploration of the mind. We are looking for ways to expand upon the already repetitive nature of history and draw upon the dawn with new-found energy.

A picture can create social bite, commanding presence and caustic wit in constant evolution. The moment inside the photo carried a visual and chemical combustion. Unpredictable behavior is my norm, elusiveness in everyday mode and dishing out provocative answers to every wondering admirer. In the wild, you've gotta learn how to hang. If you can't swing your mind around the nomads here, then you'll never see how we see.