Hotel Chelsea

by Rachel Lynch in

All is fair in love and war. The New York Times is left outside the door in the morning. The rebels cease to rest in libya as you sip black coffee on your hotel bed. Mummar Gaddafi won't go quietly and maybe North Africa will never be able to rest the way you are now. Tons go hungry in Japan, but you order room service at the press of a button. An 18-year old student collapsed on the subway today and died, but you're going to be taking a taxi to your shoot anyway.

The art world shouldn't live so far from current events. For art to matter and make a difference it should move as fast as the newsroom and report with as much diligence as the journalist at the Times. This includes sexuality. When something is pervasive in a culture it impacts it. And there's nothing like the swimsuit edition of sport illustrated hidden right under the business section of your New York Times.