the honey moon

by Rachel Lynch in

_MG_7578 _MG_7462 _MG_7477 _MG_7542 _MG_7545 _MG_7576 _MG_7507 _MG_7516 _MG_7523 _MG_7534 _MG_7457 _MG_7469Friday the 13th settles upon the city, a honey moon or rare size and beauty rises in the east. Natural phenomenon and super moon vibes, this is when the moon is closets to the earth. Lunar perigee. Summer nights are warm and enjoyable, you find yourself daydreaming more. Dream journals filled with illustrations and stories of your heart's deepest desires. When your heart knows something is right and you follow your heart, you experience progress and growth. Your dreams are created with the same body and the same brain as is the rest of your perceptual world. It is all yours -- you do not leave every night and take on a new brain to experience your nighttime reality. I believe your dreams do not reveal things about you but that they are you. Bathing in the moonlight, dream under the honey moon.

Like the moon, your dreams are something very near to you, already in your mouth and in your heart, you have only to carry it out.

happy honey moon my loves!

x x

crystal quartz moon headpiece by Stone Cooper

dress by Harare

photos by Emma Lauren