and while you're living, stay as close to love as you can

by Rachel Lynch in

holyroller1 holyroller2 holyroller3 holyroller5 holyroller6 holyroller7 holyroller8 holyroller9 holyroller10 holyroller11 holyroller12 holyroller13 holyroller14 holyroller15 holyroller16 holyroller17 holyroller18 holyroller20The sun never asks the earth for something in return. She let her world unfold without always attempting to figure it out. She let her relationships just be, because everything is going to stretch out in it's divine order anyway. Allowance for growth. The passing of time is the same as the desire for time to pass. Her teacher told her this, "Wisdom is knowing I am nothing, Love is knowing I am everything, and between the two my life moves."

She moved in effortless action, without attachment to outcome. When the opportunity came for her to defend or explain herself, she chose silence instead. She quietly appreciated each opportunity to practice her sageness. She danced in the gift of love and gave away all she could. After all, everyone has a calling to be inspired. And while she was living, she stayed as close to love as she could.

photos by Jen Senn