hold the phone

by Rachel Lynch in

One of the things I've enjoyed most about these past two weekends... actually being at parties and with people who were not constantly looking at their phones. Nothing is more uninspiring then meeting up with a friend or going to an event where everyone is consumed by the world inside their blackberry/iphone.

And it's not just at social events where this is a problem, but the everyday. I know I'm constantly checking my gmail for work/school stuff and then texting/tweeting and checking messages while crossing the street, almost getting hit by taxis 3-20 times per day. I love it all, don't get me wrong, but at some point... I think we all find ourselves very addicted to our hand-held devices. In social situations it's kind of like holding a drink, it's a comfort thing, a barrier between you and the real world... And the same goes for when you're alone, just because you're by yourself.. doesn't mean you need to be constantly staring at your phone to feel "connected."  It's this grand sense of trying to constantly feeling connected that is going to be the death of our society.

But back to this being on your phone when you're alone... don't do it!... all the time! You need to take time for YOU! If we don't... we lose touch with ourselves, and that can be extremely unhealthy. Not only does it disrupt our sleep, but we can't learn anything if we don't disconnected, it's been scientifically proven...our brain literally needs disconnected time from the false light to process/digest/and learn information. Besides, being on your phone all the time is totes not sexy. Especially late at night... it interrupts with sleep. And you should be saving that time for tea, bubble baths, movies and the cute guy sharing your bed anyway.