by Rachel Lynch in

How she do that? I call it tribe girl magic. We're on the brink of brining you new york's dopest gang, east-side manufactured, served hot. Before hitting up the Adidas (celebrating 10 years in Manhattan) event,  the tribe went for drinks and a skate sesh on the lower east side to debut it's first beanie.

"After waiting in a seemingly endless line to buy a token, I tried to put a coin into a turnstile and found it had been purposely jammed. Unable to pay the fare to get into the system, we had to enter through a slam gate being held open by a scruffy-looking character with his hand out; having disabled the turnstiles, he was now demanding that riders give him their tokens. Meanwhile, one of his cohorts had his mouth on the coin slots, sucking out the jammed coins and leaving his slobber. Most people were too intimidated to take these guys on: Here, take the damned token, what do i care? Other citizens were going over, under, around, or through the stiles for free. It was like going into the transit version of Dante's Inferno."

-- New York City's Crime and Subway System in the 1980s (william bratton)

beanie dropping soon on 10thtribe.com

sweater by wildfox white label

leather pants by parker 

boots by dolls kill