by Rachel Lynch in

Your hotel is haunted from all the High Heel Suicide. Blood lipstick on the mirror, lace capes, graphic tees, platforms and flower crosses. A gang of bad ass girls invading your hotel room and tearing it apart. It's the mob so you gotta get initiated. This high heel shit is highly sophisticated, but we just make it look easy.

Black hats, champagne, lac stockings, white sheets. A party's going on downstairs, we crash into the elevator in our spooky tees, eyelashes, skeleton jewels and glass platforms. Stares from everyone, we take the round table in the back and make unreal requests. The blonde girl team. The bad girl mob, compliments of the house, high heel suicide hotel.

Flower Cross black sweater by High Heel Suicide

Cupcake tank by High Heel Suicide 

Ice Cream Loco tank by High Heel Suicide

HHS Sucks  Muscle tank by High Heel Suicide

Skeleton Cardigan by High Heel Suicide

Flower Cross Gray Tank by High Heel Suicide 

Glass Platform Jewel Wedge by Jeffrey Campbell

White Stud Lita by Jeffrey Campbell

Gold Skeleton Hand Piece by Pray For Paris

Black  Western Hat by NastyGal

Lace Cape by NastyGal