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by Rachel Lynch in

Sweden has the lowest teen pregnancy rate, but the highest abortion stats in the world: 69.7 percent of pregnancies end in termination. Only five percent of Hollanders have smoked marijuana in the past month. In the Netherlands instead of saying, "Not under my goddamn roof," parents talk to their youngins about "readiness" and use their dutch spirit to guide and counsel up to the moment they call, "the big lay."Maybe this acceptance has something do with their lower abortion rates... hmm..

French teenagers do it more than any other European nation. Spain legalized the morning-after pill last year, but recent news points to a new home-made abortion pill growing popular throughout Latin America.

In Iran, extramarital sex is illegal and punishable by death. Homosexuals who engage in lovemaking can choose from four methods of execution after being convicted. (How kind of them to give them an option.)

South Korean teens are some of the most conservative in the world. Might be all those hours spent burning brain cells in math class... no time for some premarital experimentation.

In Australia, a third of all men and women have made their own pornography. Mexican women are statistically the most satisfied in the bedroom. The Brazilian government was the first to create cards that could be mailed to your previous sex partners. And Catholic and protestant women report having the most sexual partners.

Get your rubbers on kids, it's a crazy world!


(statistics compliments of VICE magazine)