her body was free,

by Rachel Lynch in

She was wild, wild at heart and wild to live. Too manic too stay inside. Her spirit was ever-changing because the wind was her mother. She thought about her future, She thought about her past and came to the conclusion that neither mattered. The only thing that isn't enslaving is the present moment. The current moving us into the shore, to live in the now.

Rav Isaac Luria teaches us that we are each responsible for 2000 souls. We do not see it, but there are invisible cords tying us to other people we've never met Every time we have a personal breakthrough, 2000 other people have a breakthrough. Every time we lose a personal battle... You get the picture.

If our goal is to remove only the chaos from our own lives, then we are limited in how effective we can be. Every goal is a Vessel; the bigger the goal, the bigger the Vessel and, therefore, the greater the Vessel's capacity for Light.

This doesn't mean that we shouldn't be interested in Light for ourselves. But without thinking and focusing on the bigger picture, we limit the amount of Light we can receive.

Today, realize that every time you believe in yourself despite your doubt; every time you act with tolerance despite your doubt; every time you act with tolerance despite feeling intolerant; every time you share when you'd rather receive, you are making it easier for 2000 other people to do so as well. Always think of the bigger goal: The removal of chaos from other people's lives.