Heinrich Maneuver

by Rachel Lynch in ,

_MG_3494_MG_3501_MG_3498_MG_3488How are things on the West Coast? I hear you're moving real fine tonight. You wear those shoes like a dove. Now strut those shoes, we'll go roaming in the night. You keep it moving to your soul's delight.

Well, how are things on the West Coast? Yeah, but you're an actress and I don't identify. And I don't wanna play the part, and I don't want a taste of victory. No I don't want to read your thoughts anymore.

Cause I've got a chance for a sweet sane life, and I've got a dance, and you'll do just fine. Well, I've got a plan, look forward in my eyes.

But today, my heat swings.

meow crop top by This is a Love Song

red bottoms by UNIF

black frames by Zero UV

photos by Ward Robinson

words by interpol