heaven's in new york

by Rachel Lynch in

I try to tell her I love her but she still won't listen. This city is like a Mother Mary, taking care of all her inhabitans as they fall asleep in her  manhttan cradle every night. My mother figure? That my father should be the mother figure.

I wish I could put the twin towers back in the skyline and take my father's dead mother to watch the dove's circle the empire state building in the skyline. But there are some things I can't change, some things that will always be as they always are. And maybe I'm okay with that.

From laying on the floor, I got myself together, stood up and opened the door. Living stacked like soliders in this low level housing, I'd probably jump if I thought it could change things. You have to make a plan before you sink into the sidewalk sands. The nights here last forever but the morning is more beautiful than your weak heart can probably take.

top photo of me by: Brian Sorg