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ihateblondxnething_7ihateblondxnething_5ihateblondxnething_3ihateblondxnething_1ihateblondxnething_2ihateblondxnething_4Stoked to drop these images today by the v talented, Nina Palomba. One of the baddest Chicago bitches I've met, Nina spends time working/living in both Chi and New York City. She recently started dropping some clothing, so of course, she hooked it up with a shirt. I turned the soft tee into a dress and took some images on a disposable camera at Yotel on the West Side. Developed the images and passed them along to her, where she turned them into the magical visuals they now are.

Really hope you guys enjoy, lots more to come from the both of us.

x x

tee + images by N.E. Thing Goes