by Rachel Lynch in

Although I wish I could say I was spending this weekend watching Swedish Fish swim in bottles of Champagne and devouring packs of Fun Dip, I've got to get my grind on.

I've got three books I want to finish reading, two articles I'm in the middle of, and enough school work to drown me in the deep-end. (I need a set of Flintstones Floaties..)

Regardless of the work-load, it's somewhat refreshing to wake up (not-hungover) to a history novel inside a coffee shop with the morning light shining through the window. And it's nice being able to box and run knowing their is no nicotine in my little lungs (and hasn't been fore 2+ weeks!!).

Trading in my Sour Patch Kids for Komubcha and Protein Shakes is proving to do my brain wonders. Besides, you can't really party like happy Unicorn every weekend, sometimes you need to charge your hornzz & re-dye your hair.

Life is g00d, d0n't waste it