hair long, ass flat... shawty mean

by Rachel Lynch in

After two weeks of traveling and everything in excess; food, clothing, drinks, photoshoots and planes.. I'm ready for a week of chill back at my apartment. In order to fill all that plane time, I've downloaded one too many new rap albums onto my ipod... I always try to bring myself to listen to indie rock/bullshit etc.. but I can't don't it. My ears seem to only like hip-hop/rap (let this say what you want about me...)

Whatever... The past three days have been GLORIOUS! And have consisted of me starting every morning at the boxing gym, not doing my makeup and hair for the entire day & drinking San Pellegrino while writing articles and reading history books.

It's healthy to take a break now and then... because after school let's out this week, I'm pulling a #recess/#rugrats on the world's ass and taking it to the streets... (see you soon, brooklyn, pensacola & memphis!)