h e a r t b r e a k e r / / pt. 2

by Rachel Lynch in ,

IMG_7325IMG_7387IMG_7404IMG_7297IMG_7326IMG_7314IMG_7330IMG_7361IMG_7436IMG_7459jIMG_7508IMG_7509IMG_7562IMG_7573Heroine Lolita. Ready to burn your house down, then find a spot for lunch. She's got a golden smile and a platinum frown. Pink knife foreplay, sharp enough to slit your wrists. Won't say sorry when she offends, she comes over to your place in her old man's benz. You're just a midnight snack, CT crunch status. Little body in a heart leotard and diamonds on everything. Lolita glasses with stockings in all colors, and she doesn't take em off when she's tearing up the covers.

candy heart leotard by Nasty Gal

white fur by Miss KL

revolt cage boot by Privileged 

photos by Gil Raitses