Gypsy Mermaid

by Rachel Lynch in

_MG_8059_MG_8057_MG_8066IMG_8036IMG_8047What does it take to work a little mermaid magic? Take a Manhattan full of water and add sea salt blessed in the name of the mermaid Goddess. "Lady of the sea I do ask of thee, bring me help from the waves of deep." At the full moon place the bowl of water so the moonlight will touch the water Light a silver candle, drop some mugwort into the flame, and with a feather waft the smoke over the water saying "By seaweed and sand by mugwort and moon, this water is charged to work any boom!" Pour water into bottles and use when you need increase the power of your spell.

Mermaids sport long locks and little crop tops. Land mermaids wear thigh-high boots instead of fins. They also adorn themselves in the finest of silver and gold jewels. They dance around the city in their little black boots and kiss all their friends on the lips.


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mermaid muscle tank by Gypsy Warrior

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photos by Emma Lauren