by Rachel Lynch in

The world is such an interesting and colorful place. Last night, I was left feeling rather uninspired after an exam and hours of journalism homework. So today, I busted out of class and headed to the Museum of Modern Art with Kiara.

We went to see the 80s pop culture exhibit & it was just what the doctor ordered. I didn't focus so much on the actual content of the pieces (save that for a second walk-through...) but rather, I tired to really focus in on the color and presentation. 

I feel like so much of an art piece is how it's presented. Kiara and I are hosting a gallery showing at the end of the semester and we're really focused in on how we are going to present and divide up the photos we've created; it's really half the fun. What do you want to say? & How do you want to say it?

I don't think you ever stop learning about the artistic process.