good things come in three's

by Rachel Lynch in


This week is going to bring a string of good creative outlets. Yesterday I shot a series of different looks in a make-shit bedroom with everything from dream-catcher necklaces to teal colored bathing suits. Wednesday I'll be shooting a series of candid raw's and a short video in these empty loft spaces. I'm planning the styling for this today and I'm hoping it will breed fantastic results. Friday I'm shooting a music video with a band, that I have to keep hush hush for right now but I'm so stoked about the character I'll be playing and their performance that night. Lastly, Sunday I'll be working with a photographer in a seedy motel, hopefully we'll be able to move you with our grainy-res non-sense of a shoot.

I love having it busy, no time to slow down.

I've been going to a series of art shows and loft parties that make me want to grab a canvas and scribble madly upon it's uneven composition. A friend and I are teaming up to put together a series of events to promote the underground artists in the area and inspire new works of art.

+ some photos from an event two weeks ago,

Swinging in the treehouse, its almost time to start looking for a place to live this summer. I've got a few ideas up my sleeve but nothing beats having a swing in your paintbrush kitchen.