glass table house

by Rachel Lynch in

IMG_1577 copy IMG_1588 copy IMG_1570 copy IMG_1571 copy 1 IMG_1593 copy IMG_1555 copy IMG_1590 copy IMG_1599 copy IMG_1584 copyglass table house. leaving for london every month like he's split life living. she's got the place to herself, and she doesn't bother leaving an apartment made of glass. she feel a part of the world outside already. mirror eyes. drinking alize with our cereal for breakfast. he leaves in a cab when the sun starts setting, she leaves shortly after. long dresses for the night and dark eyes. nighttime games, we can see the moon coming.

black ankle booties by Express 

dress by makeshift 

fur vest by topshop

mirror skull sunglasses by karen walker 

photos by Jaglever