by Rachel Lynch in ,

001 004 005 006 009 18September rolls around and it's back to school. You can feel the air is a little more crisp, a little more sharp to the senses. You ride to school listening to Motown, you've got sunshine on a fall day. You're feeling the season with all your layers, army jacket on top of sweater on top of dress on top of big boots. You're ready to sit next to new boys and girls and give them a glare. You're ready to hangout on the playground by yourself, just listening to music and thinking about what you want this year to bring. Marvin Gaye plays in your ears until it cuts to the Maine and you start walking faster with a little love in your step. You're ready for the all the work, summer was a long enough rest, even though you don't feel like you've rested at all. You're ready for the cool fall early mornings and disciplined nights, you're ready for lunch to be at noon again since you've been up before 7. You're ready for carmel apples and kissing new boys. You're ready to put black tights under your dresses because it's chilly, especially after the sun goes down.   School's here, fall's here, and you don't mind, because you're ready.


Academy Jacket by Glamour Kills

The Skully Dress by Glamour Kills

Party Face Scoop Tee by Glamour Kills

Cruise on Denim Black Vest by Glamour Kills

The Basic Training Surplus Jacket by Glamour Kills

Skull Yeah Sweater by Glamour Kills

Party Face Scoop tee by Glamour Kills

infinite voyager camper hat by Glamour Kills

infinite voyager backpack by Glamour Kills

spirit animal sweatshirt by Glamour Kills

photos by Joe Perez  // styling assisting by Leslie Brown