getting raped in the emergency room

by Rachel Lynch in

I mean, I don't know... sometimes it's hard to keep your fitness and health together, all the time. Sometimes, you can't do The Bar Method for the recommended 3-5 times per week because you're busy crying/eating/not-eating/sick from walking around in mini dresses and platforms and/or jet-lagged.

So boom, you land your pretty little self in the hospital, in a gown with a paper bracelet... not #chic. Hopefully, you've got health insurance, because if not... you're FUCKED.... SERIOUSLY. Following the news about all this health care blah blah in the supreme court (gangster-ass bitches) just makes me think. And think and think and think. Two soy lattes later, I still can't make sense of our health care system.

Think about it, why is our health care tied to our employers? There is no economical reasoning for it. We need to break the link between health care and employment. Why? Because obviously, some people don't work. HENCE, you are automatically setting yourself up for a dual-system. Any country that requires a dual system of anything is just asking for #problems. We might as well have two currencies. There is no economical justification for receiving our health care through our employers, and if anything, this health care reform bill is only serving to strengthen that tie. Why is your auto-insurance not tied to your employer? I mean hell, if they're going to control your health care then they might as well hook you up with some Geico while they're at.

I, like any other aware American, would LOVE to see our health care reformed. However, this bill isn't cutting it. To me, it's only weakening the already weak system, and complicating an already complex system.

I would say, IDGAF, because my almost 9 thousand dollar hospital bill was covered, but the image of the dad holding his little girl over his shoulder checking into the emergency room in front of me, saying "I don't have health care, I don't have health care," has failed to leave my mind. In fact, it makes me so angry, I just might do something about it. Maybe this post is a start.

Have a bitching Monday.