from the depths of her unmade bed,

by Rachel Lynch in

She was queen of the flowers and master of her mind. Blue eyes and kisses at night. The way we sleep. I took an afternoon nap under a candy rose sky. I began to realize that I love unmade beds, tousled hair, and that moment when you first wake-up and forget your surroundings. No make-up, freckles and skin still warm from the covers.

"It happened one night," and I decided to live elegantly. I decided to dress up, sleep naked, drink tea, listen to Mozart and enjoy the intoxicating feeling of bare skin.

As these fall months have moved into season, i have been able to sleep in a unreal state of peace, something i've never experienced before. I keep my phone and laptop away from my bed, no electronics are allowed in such a peaceful and private place. I close my eyes and focus on my breath and the down comforter touching my skin.

white flower crown handmade by me 

death becomes her baby blue sweater by wildfox