from New York to LA

by Rachel Lynch in

IMG_6277 copy IMG_6279 copy IMG_6307 copy IMG_6282 copy IMG_6303 copyAfter almost two weeks in Los Angeles, I'm excited to say I will be flying back home to New York tomorrow. I'll be starting an acting class in the West Village on Thursday and continuing training for the NYC Half Marathon. It's crazy how warm it's been in LA. On my shoot for YRU shoes today, I was actually complaining about being too hot as I melted in the sun between two palm trees and a camera flash.

Between this trip and my last trip to LA, I've been blessed to spend almost all of January in the sun. The cold is so overwhelming and for us bloggers who do most our shooting outside, it's uninspiring! Yet, after melting in nastygal dresses and platform shoes, I feel like I'm ready to give this winter wonderland another shot.

See you soon


coat by mink pink

LA leather hat by Kitson 

shoes by UNIF

purse by Alloy

photos by Jaglever