free and young

by Rachel Lynch in

_MG_5769_MG_5763 (1)_MG_5785_MG_5768_MG_5797_MG_5817_MG_5815Free and young and we can feel none of it. Just wandering between days, the sun rises and we don't give it any particular thought or name. Watch the yellow rise up over the city, light comes upon the sky. I see fire in the day, burning potential and heart. I am hallowed by my opportunities, the day is full of endless love and I am enough.

Sweet and savory is the day that is shared with another. The company we keep, the bouncing of auras. Light receives light. Light gives light. The only work we must do is give love, the rest falls far behind in necessity. Sharing truths. Clairvoyant youth dancing outside herself. Let go of everything you have.

clothing by Free People

silver metallic wolf shoes by YRU

photos by Emma Lauren