by Rachel Lynch in

(Above -- Photo of the forever good-looking "Mittens" Romney, nickname credz go to @robdelaney)

First of all, I want a mobile app for voting. (Like I have time to make it to the polls to exercise one of my freedoms... that would be so un-american of me!) Anyways, Now that Santorum has laid palms down for the battle of Obama VS. Romney, I am ready to vote. 4 serious, Mittens Romney is a #TOTALBABE and with that alone,  has my v0te. I mean, I am crushing so hard on this republican beau. Although I wish he was from the south, so he could swoon we with his cowboy hat and spurs, I am appreciative and am bias towards any good man that comes from the Mitten State. (And FYI -- The ONLY state that looks like a REAL mitten, FUCK YOU Wisconsin!)

Yes, today is the day I'm ordering my Romney tee-shirt and doing pitching exercises to warm up my voting hand.

But, this does lead me to the real #problem.... Does it really matter who our president is? Think about it, George Bush was just somebody's puppet, #LOL! And with a system of checks and balances (#AMEN), no one man can really get his idiot idea to do much (#obamacare.) So yeah, this election is leaving me unenthused. (aside from the fact that Romney is a #TOTALBABE!)

When does it matter who our president is? You may be asking yourself... When we have a REAL leader. ie: John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton, and all other humans with the last name Kennedy. (Love you Bobby!) The two men we have in the running this year both lack creativity and imagination, and therefore the potential to do anything greater than stupid.

And Don't take this post as I'm against Obama or something. I seriously think everyone needs to please stop getting mad at Obama for apparently, "not doing anything"... He never promised to be the next Malcolm X or Martin Luther King to save our highly segregated country, so chill your tits and stop being racists on your own time.

& As side praise to Obama, I have to say that at least he appears to be socially aware, and therefore hopefully able to spend the next four years changing social policy (#important), and not living under some happy tea party hat with fucking tea cups hanging off it so you can't see the people living below the poverty line. Although, I'm hesitant to use my vote to give Obama more time. I'm ADD and always like to see new things and new potential for things to get fucked up.

Alas, I'm leaning towards giving my vote to the reds.... Feel free to change my mind? We've got a long way to go until November.