by Rachel Lynch in

Time for chemistry class, BITCHES! Seriously though, the art of mating. If you're like me, you've got a lot of boyfriends (and can't buy anything on sale, #GODFORBID!) But really, gay boyfriends who double as best friends who double as pillows who double as fashion partners in crime and gym buddies is  quite possibly the best thing in the world. Because... A) All the CREEPERS dudes who were messaging you on facebook trying to take you to the Cheesecake Factory this Saturday night, you can tell to take a fucking hike because.. MY BOYFRIEND WILL BEAT YOUR A$$. B) When you're actually out in public, you can hold hands and not have to worry about scary dirty hipster guys hitting on you in person. C) Duh, holding hands is so cute, and so #necessary when it's fucking snow storming and you're trying to navigate in 5 inch jeffery campbells. D) Everyone will be jealous. But really now....the first picture is of me and the bestest little boy ever (who saved me from falling flat on my face in knee-high campbells 3,48202189,248282 times this weekend) and he's adorable, so you should all follow him on twitter.

But really girls, there's no need to listen to Adele alone, eating half  an Oreo  in your room just because you got dumped for Demi Lovato. Get out there and get five new boyfriends who are just as fierce and fabulous as you.

Love you all.