For Emma, Forever Ago

by Rachel Lynch in

this morning, I went to the bookstore with my dad. We got coffee and he read business books as i sketched. Its really nice spending time with my family but I dearly miss my new york friends. you know who you are.

I’m really hoping to be back in Los Angeles by the end of July. For some reason, I feel like july is going to be a long month. Here, there are only a select few people who i enjoy spending time with. Its like i’ve moved on but then I come back. Don’t get me wrong, I really appreciate my dream like house and family, but its hard living at home. Its like too much of a good thing or too many memories.

In any case, I finished Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller in the sun room. Today I purchased the perks of being a wallflower, fear and trembling by Kierkegaard, Brave New World, and the book of Dead Philosophers. I also got a Bon Iver CD and an old Black keys CD. Regina Spektor’s new album, Far, is just beautiful if you haven’t heard it yet. Her first works such as mary ann meets the gravediggers comes from a really dark place but now you can tell she has found some God or a light that has inspired her. Its really fantastic to see something like that develop in an artist.

Its time to turn of the computer and get back to books and sketching. I miss Barrett already, he leaves for a month on wednesday…