float like a butterfly, sting like a bee

by Rachel Lynch in

I don't want a president. I don't read anything that's actually assigned. I don't stay still. What's my wild ADD mind be on lately? Convergence. (Among a myriad of other things..) Basically, the idea behind convergence is the integration of the life, engineering and physical sciences. This is allowing for researchers to ask thousands of  questions and find answer in unlikely ways for some of the biggest. From what causes cancer to how can we make energy more sustainable? It's a whole new way of thinking and is going to change the way scientific research can be conducted.

As a science journalist, I'm totally stoked. This means that soon universities will have new programs and labs allowing for convergence to actually happen. In fact, New York University just opened up a Biomedical Chemistry Institute, the first of its kind. It's allowing for chemists and biomedical researches to collaborate and test new drugs for illnesses such as cancer.

Rawwr, I know, I know, that's all fine and dandy. I love spending the mornings in the lab, but man, when the afternoon hits.. I just have to get out and run wild. Call it ADD, call it teenage boredom, call it whatever you want.. but nothing beats summer freedom.