all fired up

by Rachel Lynch in ,

IMG_1691 - REV IMG_1698 - REV IMG_1755 - REVI dream of you draped in wires and leaning on the brakes. As I leave you with restless liars and dealers on the take. And I can read you like a gun, watch this meeting hall sweat and shake.

I'll take you on. I'll take you all on.

Strike you with desires of fault lines. No clutch, no storm. I can bind you with no ties and leash, and watch you fall. You see I've got this soul and it's all fired up.

And I can teach you of death's desires reflected in lakes. As I lead you through a fearful fire to precipice of fate. I welcome your sweet hearts that bleed and break.

I'll take you on. I'll take you when your will is gone.

See, I've got this soul, it's all fired up. It's all fired up. You're all mine.

fur jacket by Diesel

jeans by Diesel

photos by Fernando Paz