fell in love with your spirit and soul

by Rachel Lynch in

wild-eyed animalistic traits that surface upon breath and glance. she lit a cigarette and that gave him time to think. things like these are minor details in life, but they shape the whole. a little walk into the forest, a little walk into nowhere. interesting. Conversation never has to circle solely around the self. Toneless noises, we don't really need to verbally communicated in order to be in combination. We walked a little deeper in and found a spot, found a view, a place in which to make our own. You touched the beads on my rosary and I knew exactly what your mind was thinking. Admiration on the surface, but so much more going on inside. Things like these make you want to pull energy from the sky and use it to guide your head and hands. Naturally fair skin weathers into shades that reflect the sun and it's so warm to the touch.