f*ck love

by Rachel Lynch in ,

75530026 copy75530025 copy75530019 copy75530014 copy75530011 copy75530017 copy75530007 copy75530009 copy75530005 copy75530004 copy75530018 copy75530003 copy75530001 copyFuck love, give me diamonds. I'm already in love with myself. So in love with myself. So you want a type of a bitch that will stay at home, but I'm too busy getting mine on. I don't need your help, I can take care of myself. I might get into the money.

You can't break my heart. You can't take my pride. Oh no, that love shit, I won't do it.

Y'all dudes is a hot damn mess. I'm way too blessed to be stressed. So I don't want no boyfriend, just give me them checks. What if I'm a material girl? Can't blame me, I live in a material world. Alright, see my times gonna cost you. And all my love don't cost a thing.

sweaters by Wildfox

photos by Kayti Hurd