factory girl

by Rachel Lynch in

factor14factory4factory5factory6factory2factory11factory8factory7factory3factory9factory10factory12factory13factory15factory16factory17factory18factory19factory20factory21factory22factory23factory24factory25factory26factory27factroy15She gave her heart to New York so long ago. No other lover compared. No other lover scooped her up and swallowed her whole.

Motorcycles parked outside of cupcake shops in Soho. White beds perched in the Empire skyline. Lovers and japanese motorcycle rides in the pink-filled sky. She didn't know how to be in the world when she was anywhere else.

She danced from studio to photo-shoot under the glittering, gold sun. What was Manhattan without velvet furniture and nicotine. Eyelashes higher than the heavens. New York was alive in her as much as she was alive in New York. High off hunger and the taste for a new day. Italian expresso in the afternoon and red fingertips flipping through french literature. Eclectic was an understatement- she kept each memory inside her like she was getting ready to write a book.

And she read books; self-help, philosophy, but mostly classic literature. She had this one book, she read it all the time, at least three times a year. You hold on to things that inspire you to keep living. Walking out of hell and into New York was just the beginning.

Devendra Banhart on repeat, today was a studio day. She came through the door, pink plastic bag, blonde hair, and thick black eye shadow hidden under red heart sunglasses. She's the kind of girl Vladimir Nabokov would of written about. A modern-day Lolita takes Manhattan story. A little codeine, nude lips, and a gold pocket knife tucked into her thigh-high boots, a real heroine.

No cups, so they all drank from the one bottle of champagne. A pretty photographer that looked like a movie-star, and a handsome painter that smelled of coconut oil and colors. They danced around the wooden floors, trying to find the light, snapping photographs.

The ghost that is the spirit, she wore it in her eyes and projected it into the camera. A factory girl is full of wonder, always in awe of her immediate surroundings.

They captured the day from morning till sunrise, spinning with fabrics and pastel paints. They couldn't tell the difference between what was real and what they created. They wondered if people were going to remember them.

skivvies obsession bodysuit by For Love and Lemons

candy coated dress by Nasty Gal

sunstreak swimsuit by Nasty Gal

Reverse Stevie Nicks Kimono by Nasty Gal

rising up platform sandal by Nasty Gal

photos by Jen Senn assisted by David Aronson

make-up + hair by Kayti Hurd