"experimental jet set, trash and no star"

by Rachel Lynch in

Los Angeles has its perks, its art scene, its people. There are plenty of talented people,  there are plenty of worthless people. There are people who believe in art for art's sake and there are people who want to stamp their name on every goddamn photo that comes out  of their ass. There are people who hate their work, there are people who think highly of their work. We all know the names that we're suppose to, but that doesn't make them the real artists. Creativity is novel thought and art is to assemble in new ways what already exists. We create and recreate images because our message remains genuine. The song remains the same. We're provoked and turned on by the same freedoms and tastes. Yes, you're going to get used, you're going to get fucked, but that's life. Would you have rather left LA a virgin?

I don't think so.

Rooftop in Downtown LA

Photos by: U M B R O