EVOLUTION IS SEXY (things that bother me about the world part #2)

by Rachel Lynch in

Saying you don't believe in evolution is like saying you don't believe in gravity. Evolution is not something you believe in. Until Darwin, people thought of the  human species as it's own perfect, unique form. Haha. We would.

The fact that there are still politicians and bible belt-enthusist mothers pushing for "creationism" ????????? (FIVE HUNDRED QUESTION MARKS...) to be taught in schools is really sad. How can you deprive your child of knowledge and regress their minds to a dream-like happy land where nothing can go wrong? They will never be able to function in the real world, and maybe that's not going to be an issue..... BUT STILL, Depriving them of a simple science education is  like depriving them of modern medicine. #sowrong #abusive

If researchers were able to develop a pill that cured diseases, you wouldn't tell your kids you can't swallow it because it wasn't in the bible. It's not like going to the moon was pretend just because there weren't astronaut apostles in Geniuses.

Things like natural selection are laws of biology. It's inevitable that a species will evolve by a process of natural selection. We can even see evolutionary changes in human beings since the agricultural evolution. (Ie: The way are bodies process modern food/ antibiotic resistance.) Evolutionary theory was develop before we even knew about genes!! And now that we can detect things like allele frequencies  and bacteria replicating, it's even more obvious.

As humans, we're not that special... Okay, Maybe we are. We're pretty damn intelligent. So let's not be dumb enough to forget how we got here.