Everywhere I Go

by Rachel Lynch in

IMG_6646 copy IMG_6746 copy IMG_6641 copy IMG_6645 copy IMG_6740 copy IMG_6644 copyEverywhere I go, I have to think about you. Touch down in Los Angeles and head straight to the canyon, it was a bunch of outliers coming together. Everyone there was famous for this or that, he was just in Nylon magazine and she was just in that one commercial. She was a model, he was in a band. We played around outside before settling into the house. We grilled mushrooms and drank champagne as the eve fell behind the mountains. Reconnecting and filling our lungs with the fresh air between the drags on nicotine. The night moved on and we retired into the house for conversation about film, music and fashion. The life of artists, the people who decided to live their lives solely for their passions. These are the most creative people, and the most manic.

Hamptons tee by Wildfox

stud leather shorts by H&M

motorcycle boots by Jeffrey Campbell

almost famous jacket by Nastygal

photos by Chebo