every time the moon shines, i become alive

by Rachel Lynch in

deathstar11 IMG_0137 copy deathstar3 deathstar4 deathstar1 deathstar2

Every time the moon shines I become alive. Strange and small. I'm just a kid that needs no help. What do you see inside your nightmares? The little death star. Is it difficult to watch destruction? The little galaxy of anxiety that's all in your mind. Jump off the edge like there's no tomorrow. Little white lies. She's a great allusion. That girl fire, everything she touches burns. Don't try to fool her, cause she's fooling you. Before you begin, game over, you lose.

Blessed Tank by Blackscore 

star killer tights by Poprageous 

machine platforms by Jeffrey Campbell 

prayer choker by UNIF

photos by Chris Nightengale